Secure Remote machine access for files,registry, processes, services

fileXfer is an application that allows remote machine access for: Files, Registry, Processes, and Services. All commands are scriptable: a script may be run to change remote machines or read the system values. Full control of process and services Kill, Launch, Stop, Start, and remotely reboot. Modify service binary locations that Windows does not allow, kill process that task man won't, full graphical registry control similar to regedit, Drag and Drop Replication - drop a file to many machines in a single mouse operation. Security is of heavy focus: all data that moves over the network is both encrypted and compressed, the transactions are sequenced so "record and playback" attacks are not possible, and connection hijacking cannot be done.

The connection model is peer to peer and allows for routing of connections, for example FTP only allows file access to a single machine, fileXfer allows you to reach any machine on the network and the machines do not need to be directly on the internet if they can contact another machine that is, much like an HTTP proxy but for complete machine control not just HTML content.



fileXfer 1.5